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Have you experienced absolute no stressed condition? 


The future you dream of

☑ I want to seize all the opportunities.
☑ I want to be prepared with perfect physical and mental condition in busy life.
☑ This is no real me. I want to know who I really am.
☑ Choice determines life. I want to choose the best choice.

☑ I want to improve the quality of career and life.
☑ I want to be the best.

☑ I want to spend my life with no regrets.
☑ I want to change innerly.

If you have checked any one of them...

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“Meditation” is what those who grasp the future of
dream practice.

You might think meditation is only for yoga and religious ceremony. However, its benefits have been scientifically proven. World widely leading companies like Google, Facebook, Intel, and Goldman Sachs have already implemented meditation for their staff development.

In Japan, individuals who succeed in different fields, such as Masaru Ibuka, the founder of Sony Corporation, Kazuo Inamori, the founder of Kyocera, professional soccer player, Keisuke Honda and Makoto Hasebe also exercise meditation.

Nowadays, meditation is much more familiar to business people, and many Japanese companies has started implementing meditation as part of staff development.

“Meditation” is what successful business people practice.

More people use meditation to be successful in life.


There are varieties of ways to practice meditation and personal preferences differ.

“Zero Balance Meditation” has the same benefits as other meditation, however, there are some very unique characteristics and benefits.

『0バランス瞑想』 の特徴

Meditation with yin and yang energy

 Both extreme energy, plus, or yang and minus, or yin energy create “zero” space. 

Deep meditation even with no meditation experiences

I It is said the technique is required to be in meditative state, however, anyone who has no meditation experiences also be able to experience deep meditative state smoothly.

 Eliminates negative energy attached outside of body

Any number becomes zero when multiplied by zero. You feel lighter physically and mentally by eliminating minus, or negative energy attached to outside of your body.

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Unbalanced Modern Days

In our modern society, there are plenty of materials and information, also items with minus 
energy. We tend to think and act negatively without realizing. Being in the unbalanced state affects you in many ways. You cannot get rid of fatigue and sickness. Even though you try so hard, you cannot feel the progress or feel like you are taking detour.

Balanced body and mind means more productive and less stress. Moreover, you take actions 
more actively. Realizing physical issues helps you prevent more serious problems. Sharpened senses help you clearly select the best ways to achieve your goals among overflowed information. Your quick decisions lead you obtain what you really want. 

Adjust Body and Mind, Realize Who You Are, Demonstrate Ability


Why Does Successful Business Person Practice Meditation?

Why do extremely busy business people in the world practice meditation? They practice 
meditation because they truly feel its benefits. Recently, the benefits of meditation are scientifically proved. In Zero Balance Meditation with yin and yang energy, you can expect more refreshing body and mind, improvement performance in career, fast forwarding progress by demonstrating your full ability. 




Zero Balance Meditation provides you....

Stress free condition
□ Releasing emotions

Rejuvenated brain
clear physical conditions and/or issues
Precisely adjusted body and mind

Sharpened senses


*There are different experiences according to each individual.

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When trying to get information, my own idea comes in the way. When trying to receive it with

my entire body, the information comes in as it is. Since this meditation, my brain tries to stop whenever I start thinking negatively. So I don’t stay in the negativity. I don’t waste time anymore

I fell asleep as soon as meditation starts. When I woke up, the fatigue I could not get rid of for a long time was gone. I thought I should see some visions, or I shouldn’t fall asleep during meditation, but I was impressed how my body was adjusted so perfectly while I was in asleep.

After Zero Balance Meditation, my head became so clear. This is the first time I realized my thought was not clear. Any business person who wish to succeed in their career should experience this meditation. I believe things start to work out for them quickly. I would like to experience this meditation again.

Zero Balance Meditation made me realize how much I was worried about unnecessary matters. Things are simple. I realized I had confused myself with my habit of thinking. It’s difficult to explain, but this meditation helped me become simple in overflowed information.

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Go for it!

​Utilize Your Talents and Abilities Effectively, and Become Who You Wish to Be in the quickest way!

Life is limited. “Zero Balance Meditation” helps you demonstrate effectively your potential talents

and abilities in a limited time.
Experience and enjoy “Zero Balance Meditation.” Even you practice meditation regularly, this meditation is one of a kind.

This meditation makes your life more exciting rapidly!

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